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Audrina de leon


What we think "Twin" means=7 children born on the same year,same day and look the same

What "Twin" means=Born on the same day of the same year

Audrina De Leon - YouTube

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Two twins in my class. Boy and girl. Girl she is very pale and has red hair, boy has average skin and black hair ahah so yeah 😋


i know these twins, one of them is called Addison and shes basically and the other, Isla.. shes lets just sayyyy chunkyy

During 7567 and what's of 7568 right now. I gained 65 pounds i way 99 ponds im 66 my 6 years old cousin ways like 655 more pounds than me he can lift me up. Its a bit weird.

The oldest twins kin and jin, the animated pic of them u got was from yokai watch btw
Idont watch the show but my nephew does

my brother is 6 feet tall and 65 years old im the hes the second - im the smallest in my class ):> people bully me for it

That old lady thing is actually American and they time travel in a show called you kai watch it's not actually that bad of a show but it's not great. It's on Netflix. And yes they are evil. But their parents named them not after the show because the shows not that old.

OK so I am a girl and my twin is a boy sooo I don't look alike as my twin brother so I can't blame something on my twin brother

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